Meet the staff at GLOW!


Monica Davidson- Owner

Monica is a Buda native and has had a vast career from marketing, sales, business development and human resource management to computer programming, software development and project management. She began her adult career in corporate management that included all aspects of a start up where she developed her passion for entrepreneurship!

After climbing the proverbial corporate ladder to executive management, Monica retired 6 years ago to raise her 3 babies with her husband. Soon, she was bored! Monica created a small, at home embroidery and sewing business that quickly outgrew her roots and decided to invest in a storefront and reemerged the company as a commercial business and women’s boutique. She eventually sold her embroidery business to pursue other passions.

So how did she get to the aesthetics world? On a recommendation, Monica and her husband were introduced to a start up business at Glow Laser and Beauty, a boutique medical spa, and decided this was the next, right venture for their family!

Not knowing much about this industry, Monica has poured into her learning and has leaned heavily on her incredibly talented staff to show her the ropes.

Fast forward 7 months later, seeing the need and opportunity in the market, Monica created the Buda Cosmetic Institute as a means to help educate newcomers to the industry such as herself.

“I am tired of seeing students leave a one or 2 day training and are more confused than when they went in. I want to give them the support they need the day AFTER and give them the same courage I needed to start a business.”


Texas Dela Rosa- Permanent Make up Artist & More!

Texas, (Yes! That's his name.) is an award winning & nationally published makeup artist. He began his beauty career with a passion to motivate and inspire people. His work in the film and editorial industry along with being very approachable, helped him to become one of Austin's most sought-after makeup artists.

His career in the aesthetics & cosmetics industry spans over 20 years with 15 of those in permanent makeup artistry.That translates to microblading/shading, lip blushing and more for us regular folks!

Texas has been performing and educating others in Microblading for over 4 years and is certified in many other skincare services. With hundreds of clients under his belt, you will be hard-pressed to find someone more qualified to teach, share, educate and motivate you to reach for the stars with your own passions!

While an educator, Texas recognized the gap in the learning curve for some of the more intensive treatments, like microblading. His pursuit of excellence and mentoring gave him the idea to take “education” to the next level and share all the tips and tricks to new students so they, too, can get the start they need. The Buda Cosmetic Institute was the way to give his talents back to the world.

“There are too many new technicians out there with blades in their hands, scared, nervous and not sure what to do if something goes wrong. I want to help them be confident in their skills.”