$75 (45 mins)

Meet the next new brow coloring technique! All natural henna coats the hairs giving a more voluminous effect. The color will last up to 6 weeks on the hairs!! Compared to 2 weeks with regular brow tinting. Includes brow shaping and grooming.


Henna Eyebrows

Henna is extracted from the fibers of the henna plant, and has a history stretching back five thousand years. Henna has been used in traditional body art, as a hair dye and treatment, and for medicinal purposes. Henna encourages hair growth, acting as a skin and hair conditioner as well as a dye treatment–it really does everything! The Ellebana Henna Brow solution is very strongly pigmented, ensuring a sharp shape for your brows that lasts much longer than a normal tint. As henna stains the skin temporarily, you will get the added benefit of deeper definition for around fourteen days–so ditch those brow pencils, ladies!