Whisper Laser Skin resurfacing- $599

The Whisper-3G Erbium laser works by emitting a beam of laser light that precisely removes the outer layers of aged and sun damaged tissue. This stimulates skin cell turnover while triggering the skin’s natural response to form new collagen and elastin fibers to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin. Following treatment, patients will see a reduction in fine wrinkles and age spots and an overall smoother, more vibrant skin appearance.

The benefits of Whisper-3G Erbium Laser treatments are numerous. Epidermal cells are removed while the dermal tissue is receiving gentle heating to stimulate collagen renewal. If you have acne or chicken pox scars, laser treatments can help reduce their appearance. Age spots, large pores, and discoloration from exposure to the sun are also a good reason to undergo these laser treatments. More than one treatment may be recommended.

Recovery following Whisper-3G Erbium laser skin resurfacing is minimal. Though the skin may appear red right after treatment and flaky for about three to four days, patients can immediately return to work and other normal activities. Makeup can be worn the next day. For optimal results, patients usually choose to receive multiple sessions over the course of several months.

Consultation required.